Who's Who
Season 1, Episode 36
Air date November 13, 1997
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A Chinese fire-breathing dragon comes to life. The handywork of Bes. Bes then starts swap peoples identities: First Ja-Kal with Nefer-Tina, then Armon with Rath.

Bes even swaps Scarab with Ammut right when Scarab as Mr. Harris Stone is in the middle of making a speech. Ammut promptly starts barking and howling like a dog. Next Presley is exchanged with Kahti, and finally in the middle of battle, Armon who is in Rath's body exchanges bodies with Heka.

Eventually everyone gets back to there proper bodies, including Presley, now stuck up in a tree.

Featured CharactersEdit


"Stop drinking out of the toilet bowl!"

Scarab in Ammut's body yelling at Ammut in his body.

"This is going to be a long day."

Scarab sums-up how everyone feels about Bes's antics.


Real-World ReferencesEdit


  • It is shown that the Shabti only obey Ammut in Scarab's body instead of the other way around. Ammut also proves at least semi-sentient when he is able to bark orders for them to follow.
  • When she is in Rath's body, Heka points out how much she dislikes the mortal form, this is the first time she has mentioned this dislike.