Water, Water, Everywhere
Season 1, Episode 25
Air date October 27, 1997
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A Dark and Shrieky Night


Scarab once again summons Nuhn and orders him to start drying up the city's water supply. With the city out of water, Scarab plans to sell water at $100 a bottle and bring in vast amounts of money.

The Mummies put Kahti in one of the bottles to lead them to Scarab. When they catch up with her they find that Scarab and Nuhn are working out of a large factory. Ja-Kal, Rath, and Armon head insde to investigate. They discover Scarab using Nuhn to steal the water and place it in Scarab's water bottles. Ja-Kal and the others are caught by Nuhn. Kahti frees herself and tries to help them, but she gets washed away like the others.

Meanwhile back outside Nefer-Tina and Presley begin to worry and decide to rush to the others rescue. Kahti attacks Scarab, allowing the others to escape. As they try to escape Nuhn, Armon suggests the group head to Death Valley in order to have an advantage over Nuhn. Nefer-Tina does as he suggests and drives out to Death Valley with Nuhn following close behind. When he does catch up to them his power overwhelms them at first. Until the humidity taks it's toll and he evaporates.

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"C'mon haul your Tuts!"

Nefer-Tina Using a rather unique euphemism to get the other Mummies attention.


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