Tree O'Clock Rock
Season 1, Episode 31
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Scarab believes the "Tree of Life" can make him younger again, so he hires Bes to get the Tree for him.

Bes finds it and uses magic and a tree moving machine to move the Tree of Life, but decides on not delivering it to Scarab. With the Tree of Life removed, every living thing grows old. Plants age, milk goes sour, and all the people in the city get very age greatly.

Presley grows a large beard. Even Scarab isn't immune to the effects. The Mummies however are, since they are not alive. They manages to finds Bes and the tree. When they manage to deafet Bes the discover that the tree is dying from being uprooted for too long. It's then that Ja-Kal realizes that Heka hasn't aged at all. She's happens to be weating a larel made of a part of the tree of life. Rath then comes up with an idea to graft the still living branch onto th tree to give it a chance to heal.

Bes is then forced to take the tree beyond the Western Gate in order to transplant the tree of life.

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Bes accidentally mispronounces Armon's name. Obviously he meant nothing personal.


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