The Gift of Geb
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date September 18, 1997
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Scarab summons Geb, the Spirit of the Earth to draw Presley out. Unfortunetly Geb is not at all happy to have been summoned. He demands to know who awakened him, and Scarab tells the giant that it was Presley. So the giant goes to find Presley, just as Scarab had planned.

The Mummies come face-to-face with Geb at the San Francisco Bay near Alcatraz Island. Their weapons prove to be useless against him. With their power running out, Ja-Kal flies to Scarab's ship and steers it into Geb pushing him through the Western Gate. Then Ja-Kal gets captured by Scarab.

Finally when the Mummies battle Scarab, Presley tricks Scarab into admitting it was he who awoke Geb from his sleep. Geb hears this and pulls Scarab through the Western Gate, for the moment.

Featured CharactersEdit


"Hey! It really does rain cats and dogs. Ugly dogs."

Armon, as he watches Ammut fall past him into the river.


Real-World ReferencesEdit


  • This episode explains much about the Western Gate.