The Curse of the Sekhmet
Season 1, Episode 11
Air date October 1, 1997
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Scarab comes down with a bad cold and calls upon Sekhmet, the goddess of sickness and health, to try and rid himself of it. Instead Sekhmet decides to go forth and cause some mischief.

She brings about forth many plagues. First heat, then locusts, and then in Presley's science class, he, Mr. Huxley, and the rest of the class look out the window to see it raining frogs. Presley later gets turned into a boy-sized frog.

Scarab and Rath have to team up to get rid of Sekhmet. Rath and Scarab work together to create a lighting rod in order to get her attention. She falls for the trap and attacks them both. As the others distract Sekhmet Rath and Scarab use the power generated both the lighting rod as a weapon to deafeat her. Ja-Kal manages to lead her right into it, overloading her power and forcing her back through the Western Gate.

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"Remind me to harm you later."

Rath is reminded of the why it's a bad idea to forge an alliance (even a temporary one) with Scarab.


Real-World ReferencesEdit


  • Heka entrusts Ka with giving Scarab his orange juice. In Ancient Egypt, Heka's name meant "employ the Ka".