Sleep Walk Like an Egyptian
Season 1, Episode 2
Rath and the Prince's training - Mummies Alive!
Air date September 16, 1997
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Pack to the Future

Scarab creates the "living nightmare" scorpion. Which he then delivers to Presley. Who falls into a dreamlike state, seeing things through Prince Rapses eyes 3500 years ago.


Scarab spits out a "living nightmare" scorpion. He gets his shadow to deliver to Presley without his knowledge. Presley falls into a dreamlike state, joined through dream with Prince Rapses 3500 years ago. In the dream, Presley sees Rapses' mother, Scarab, and each of the Mummies as they were back then.

Presley, in his sleep-trance starts to wander around school, uttering magic words that turn Mr. Huxley's pointer stick into a snake, and flips a school-kid using Egyp-Tsu. After some time the Mummies start to wonder where he's run off to and go looking for him.

Finally (in his dream state) Presley sees how Rapses was lured by Scarab to the top of a mountain by creating an illusion of Rapses father. At the same time Presley is similarly lured to the top of a building where Scarab is waiting for him. Just as Scarab readies to remove Rapses soul from a helpless Presley, the Mummies arrive and fight him and his Shabti off.

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Nefer-Tina: Greetings, Presley! Time to 'rinse and repeat'!
Presley: That's 'rock and roll'.
Nefer-Tina: Whatever.

Nefer-Tina mixes up her adjectives.
Presley: "(Ja-Kal, do you know) What happened to your family?"
Ja-Kal: "I don't know."
Presley: "It was Rapses fault – my fault! I don't know how, but some day I'll make it up to you. I promise!" 


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