Show Me the Mummy
Season 1, Episode 42
Air date November 25, 1997
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Joe Pendleton has become intent on finding out who and what the Mummies are. He hosts a KKIM radio broadcast asking to hear from those who have had run ins with the Mummies.

Joe gets many calls from other who have seen the Mummies. And a call from Bob who pleads with him to stop. In the end, after hearing Bix Bingsley's story of Nefer-Tina Joe is moved by Bingsley's plea and ends his search.

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Bix: I hope my story will convince you and others to stop efforts like this show that invade their privacy. They haven't hurt anybody! Let them live in peace...
Joe: Your right. Mummies have consumed every moment of my waking life for the last year. I've had good times and bad trying to prove that there are 'Mummies Alive'. But now, it's time for me to say, goodbye.

Joe learns of Bix Bingsley's and Nefer-Tina's tale of heartache, and in empathy, gives the last word before the end of his last show, and the series final line.


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