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Nuhn is a spirit of primeval waters, described as being greater than all the rivers and oceans of the world combined.

Nuhn manifests his power by flooding an area before transforming into a strange humanoid made of water. He has a very annoying, arrogant personality and when Scarab tried to get him to reveal the location of the fountain of youth, he instead mocked the sorcerer, saying the fountain was simply a myth.

However when Scarab threatened to send Nuhn back to the realm of the gods his attitude changed completely, begging to stay so he could flood the world again. Scarab agreed to allow the watery trickster to remain in exchange for Nuhn capturing Prince Rapses for him.

Despite being a god Nuhn continually failed to capture Presley Carnovan, or even get his attention. However Nuhn eventually ambushed the boy while he was visiting a water-park, which of course gave Nuhn a great advantage. Though Presley's guardians, the Mummies soon arrived and both sides faced off. The confrontation intensified as Nuhn simply began absorbing water from every available source to grow larger and more powerful, betraying Scarab as he declared his intent to destroy the entire world, starting with Rapses.

However in the end Nuhn was defeated when he was lured into a skating rink and was frozen solid before shattering as his spirit returned threw the Western Gate whence he came.


  • In Egyptian mythology, Nuhn's name was written as "Nun".
  • The original mythical Nun was often associated with chaos as well as the primordial waters. Which suites his character in the series rather well.
  • In the myths, Nuhn was female.