My Dad the Hero
Season 1, Episode 37
Air date November 17, 1997
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Family Feud: Part 1 - Brother's Keeper


Presley's father, Paul Carnovan arrives unexpectedly for the weekend. Presley is delighted to see him. but it's quickly discoverd that Presley's father is not the most honorable man.

He secretly picks up a rock and gives it to Presley calling it a magic rock to ward off evil spirits. He takes Presley to the amusement park and cheats to help Presley ring the bell. He continuously lies about the great expeditions and battles he's been involved in. Worst of all however, is that he tries to steal the museum's Crown of Ramses the Great, to sell to Scarab.

When he admits to Presley that he stole it, Presley is crushed, but Nefer-Tina chears Presley up. "Whoever acquires the Crown develops unimaginable powers." Scarab puts the Crown on and becomes huge and all-powerful. When Presley's father helps the Mummies try to defeat the huge Scarab, Presley regains his faith in his father. They make up, and his dad takes his leave.

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Ja-Kal: The vulture is most likely to attack when the lion plays with the hyena... wait, is that how it goes?
Nefer-Tina: Don't ask me. I never have understood your little phrases.

Ja-Kal and Nefer-Tina can't decide what the vulture, lion, and hyena should do next.

Armon: Let's kick-
Scarab: I've always hated that phrase.

Scarab steps on Armon to point out how much he dislikes catch-phrases.


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