Monster Truck Mania
Season 1, Episode 29
Air date November 3, 1997
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The Monster Truck Rally of the Century is taking place, and Bubba Baxter, Presley's race-truck driver friend is entered. Bubba accidentally gets knocked out, so the Mummies and Presley drive the unconscious Bubba's truck in the race for him.

Meanwhile, Geb, the mighty Spirit of the Earth wants to is trying to take his mud bath in peace, but he is right in the path of the race. The mud makes inanimate objects come to life, so the trucks in the race change into Monster Trucks. The Mummies try to find the trucks and undo the spell before they find there way back to the staduim, and innocent people.

Eventually Presley and the Mummies are able to tame one of the enchanted trucks and go find the others. As they round them up Ja-Kal realizes that covering the cars in the same enchanted mud that brought them to life will dis-pell the trucks.

Meanwhile Presley is able to get Bubba back in the race without any knowldege of what happend.

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