Missing Ja-Kal
Season 1, Episode 19
Air date October 15, 1997
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Scarab decides to try to get rid of Ja-Kal. By doing so, he believes the Mummies without their leader will fall into disarray. Scarab uses a ceramic falcon idol to attack Ja-Kal's animal sign. Scarab's plan starts to work when Ja-Kal takes off and others fight for leadership.

Meanwhile, a public costume ball called "the Night of the Living Dance" is taking place at the Youth Center. Presley is dressed as Frankenstein. Elaine is a superb hunchback. Walter is a werewolf. Cynthia is dressed as Frankenstein's bride, Presley's mother is a witch, and Mr. Huxley is the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Mr. Huxley gets to dance with Nefer-Tina. Armon spends most of the night eating all the food at the dance.

Scarab captures Ja-Kal and places a tracking device on him, releasing him to find the others. When Ja-Kal does return to the youth center, Scarab ambushes Ja-Kal and the others. Scarab tries to use his Falcon idol but Nefer-Tina is able to destroy it. Freeing Ja-Kal from it's spell and forcing Scarab to retreat.

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