Season 1, Episode 17
Air date October 13, 1997
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The Face in the Mirror
Sleight of Hand


Scarab has his Shabti trying to recast Talos at the city junk yard, but the Mummies destroy his operation. Rath takes some of the magical material, and back at the Sphinx creates his own 12 inch tall Talos. It obeys their every command.

Presley sneaks away with the miniature Talos, and uses it to clean his room for him. Talos gets hit on the head and remembers who he is. He breaks out of Presley's house and starts absorbing metal from everywhere and growing.

The Mummies catch up with the now huge Talos at a construction site and Talos is defeated again... for the time being.

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"Let all tremble before m- (falls out of two-story building through the hole he just made in the wall) I... meant to do that..."

Talos learns the hard way that even the mighty Talos, is no match for gravity.


Real-World ReferencesEdit


  • While the Shabti appear in this episode, Scarab doesn't.