Married to the Geb
Season 1, Episode 24
Air date October 23, 1997
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Kid Scarab
Water, Water, Everywhere


A strange series of earthquakes take place, emanating from the Twin Peaks Park. The Mummies and Presley go there and discover that Geb is the cause, the Spirit of the Earth, saddened because he and his wife Net, the Spirit of the Sky, are in the midst of bad feud.

The Mummies try to help get them together again. Ja-Kal suggests he gives Net a bird as a present. Nefer-Tina tells him to give her a flower. Rath suggests words of poetry. And Armon sculpts Geb's body to try to make him irresistable.

In the end, none of their ideas work, so the Mummies try to appeal to Net and she brushes them off. Finally, they vacuum up Net and give her back to Geb where they make up.

Featured CharactersEdit


"Why are you vacuuming that cat?"

Nefer-Tina asks what mankind has asked for centuries.


Real-World ReferencesEdit

  • The first episode where Jakal's, Nefer-Tina's, and Rath's transformation sequences aren't shown.
  • Scarab doesn't appear in this episode.


  • At one point Rath mentions that he is the master of matters of the heart, he must have forgotten about his ordeal with Chontra.
  • The Mummies' attempts to help Geb include:

Ja-Kal: Gifts of birds
Nefer-Tina: Flowers
Rath: Poetry
Armon: Changing Geb's appearance to please Net.