Loss of Face
Season 1, Episode 22
Air date October 21, 1997
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Tempting Offer
Kid Scarab


Scarab makes a potion that will make him look young and handsome again. In order to make it he needs one more ingredient, a large gemstone. While he is leaving the museum he'd just stolen the gem from the Mummies (minus Nefer-Tina) ambush him. Dispite the upper hand Scarab manages to get away with the gem.

Meanwhlie Nefer-Tina sits in a night club longing for a normal life. When she gets back to the Sphinx the other fill her in on what happend. While Ja-Kal scoulds her. Rath uses a spell to try and find the gem, and Scarab. As it truns out Scarab is grinding down the gem to use in his potion. Thanks to Rath's locator spell the Mummies are able to stop Scarab before he can use the potion on himself. The potion accidentally ends up on Nefer-Tina, and turns her beautiful.

Nefer-Tina goes to a nightclub. Everyone is amazed by her beauty. A girl from the Fad modelling agency is there, and almost overnight Nefer-Tina becomes a fashion marvel. She appears in fashion shows, on magazine covers, and is interviewed on "Lifestyles of the Inexplicably Famous".

Scarab disguises himself as a photographer to go after her, and calls himself Ray Sphinx with "Vague Magazine". Once he captures her, Scarab planned on throwing Nefer-Tina into a boiling pot in order to re-create the potion. Thankfully Ja-Kal and the others arrive to save her.

Afterwards Rath wips up a counter potion, which Nefer-Tina uses to retrun to her normal self.

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  • Recurring characters Joe and Bob get a quick glimpse of the mummies near the start of the episode.