Joe Pendleton
Scene from We've Got One.

First Appearance

Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra






The Mummies, and Bob


Police Officer

Current Location

San Francisco


Armed with a standard sidearm for police officers.

Joe Pendleton is a San Francisco police officer, and the Regional Treasurer of the Third Annual Paranormal Alien Visitors Psychic Convention. Despite this, Joe had never been witness to "space aliens".


Joe met his very first "space alien" when, after tailing the mummies one night. Ja-Kal humored him to buy the other mummies time to get back to The Sphinx by making it sound as if he were from outer space. After their talk (and Ja-Kal's escape), Joe's belief that extra-terrestrials walked among humanity was restored.

Joe and his partner Bob both get deeply involved with the "aliens" in "We've Got One". Wherein he and Bob encountered an injured Rath, Joe firmly believed Rath to be an alien, and thus handed him over to Agent Phillips.

After these incidents, Joe learned that the "aliens" he'd been running into were in fact living mummies. Joe mounted a private investigation of the mummies to find out who and what they were. Hosting a KKIM radio broadcast asking to hear from those who have had run-ins with the Mummies. Joe received many calls from eye witnesses who'd seen the Mummies. However, after receiving a call from a man by the name Bix Bingsley, Joe learned of Bix and Nefer-Tina's encounter, understanding Bix's plea that the mummies should be left alone. Joe ended his search and shut down his radio show.