High Nuhn
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date September 23, 1997
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Scarab calls upon Nuhn, the Spirit of the Waters, first Scarab tried to get him to reveal the location of the fountain of youth. Nuhn only mocked the sorcerer, revealing the fountain to simply be a myth. However when Scarab threatens to send Nuhn back Nuhn begs to stay and flood the world again. Scarab agrees, he will free the spirit if he can bring Presley to him.

Nuhn tries, but he has a rough time of it. He flushes himself down a toilet, gets washed out by a street cleaner, gets sucked into a water cannon.

Meanwhile, Presley makes a play for his friend Walter's older sister Cynthia, and strikes out entirely. Nuhn eventually manages to ambush Presley while he and Cynthia are visiting a water-park. Though the Mummies soon arrived the confrontation intensified as Nuhn began to absorb water and grow more and more powerful, betraying Scarab as he declared his intent to destroy the entire world, starting with Rapses.

However the Mummies manage to defeat Nuhn by luring him into a skating rink and freezing him solid before he shatters into pieces. He then returns through the Western Gate whence he came.

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"You're better off without her. She put me in the trash can when I was two."

Walter points to an old case of abuse when trying to console Presley over failing to impress his sister.


Real-World ReferencesEdit

  • When Armon says "Starve a Cold", it is a play off of the old wife's tale: starve a cold, feed a fever.