Good Bye Mr. Cheops
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date September 25, 1997
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The Mummies fight off Scarab at his Beefy Burger trap, and in the process destroy Presley's science project, a shortwave radio. Rath repairs the radio, adding an obelisk that makes it much more powerful.

After Presley shows it to Mr. Huxley, Mr. Huxley tires to turn it on. As he does so, he gets thrown through the Western Gate into a place that looks much like ancient egypt. At first he believes he must be dreaming, and is chased around by all sorts of exotic beasts including a Griffin.

Meanwhile, Chontra crosses over and sees this as the opportunity to get revenge on Rath. She casts a spell on Presley and his mother. The Mummies manages to defeat Chontra, as she goes back Mr. Huxley is returned safe and sound.

Featured CharactersEdit


"Praise the power of George Washington!"

The Mummies proudly indorse the President of the United States.

Chontra: Hear me serpents of the underworld hear me!
Rath: Oh, stop showing off, Chontra.

Rath scoff at Chontra's display as snakes come through the floor beneath his feet.

Armon: Stop the chariot!
Nefer-Tina: What is it, Armon?
Ja-Kal: What do you see?
Armon: It is a new Beefy Burger!

The Mummies fall for Scarab's Beefy Burger trap.


Real-World ReferencesEdit

  • George Washington is mentioned twice during the episode.
  • Beefy Burger is an obviouse reference to many real-world burger resturants.