Ghouls' Gold
Season 1, Episode 20
Air date October 16, 1997
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Tempting Offer


Scarab has gone broke trying to fight the Mummies. So he calls forth many of spirits of dead goldminers from the graveyard to acquire gold for him, but they are uncontrollable and go after all the gold that they can find for themselves.

They even steal the Hot-Ra, but even that doesn't satisfy them. Aparrently they wont be satisfied "until they have taken it all".

They then take Presley's amulet, his mother's ring, and gold from everywhere around the city. The Mummies lure the ghosts to the cemetery with Armon's golden arm, but they rip it right off him and steal it. Thankfully the Mummies are able to track the stolen gold and find Presley's amulet and Amon's arm.

Armon is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice of his golden arm in order to lure the spirits through the Western Gate, but it doesn't work. After the spirits come back Presley realizes that the minors wont stay beyond the borders of the Western Gate becuase they don't belong on there. With the proper spell Rath is able to put the minors spirits at peace and send them on there way.

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  • Gold is a heavy metal, and it's unlikely a boy like Presley could lift a hunk as bit as Armon's arm as easily as he does.