First Appearance

The Gift of Geb


Earth Spirit





Current Location

San Francisco

Geb is a violent giant made of rock.


Geb once allied himself with Scarab after the dark sorcerer awakened him in the modern age, tricking the monster into believing it was Prince Rapses that had really awakened him, Geb was infuriated at this and planned to kill his "summoner".

Geb was ordered by Scarab to appear at sunset and did so, though at first he was unsure what sunset meant as he was extremely dim-witted. When he arose from the river once more, Geb was confronted by the Mummies, who tried to convince him of the truth, however he would not listen and attacked them.

However, Scarab's own arrogance got the better of him and he admitted to having been Geb's true summoner, prompting Geb to attack him instead.

Later, Geb's wife Net needed reassurance of his love, and when she didn't get it, he became very sullen. Presley and the Mummies did what they could to help get them together again. In the end, Geb had a talk with Net and they managed to make up.

Later on, while out taking a mud bath alone. Geb was bothered by a truck racing compatition nearby. Do to a mishap, the trucks came into contact with the mud Geb had infused with his magic to make it comfortable for his bath. The trucks became alive and went on a rampage until the Mummies persuaded Geb to remove the magic from the trucks.


  • Geb was the Egyptian god of the Earth. It was believed in ancient Egypt that Geb's laughter was the cause of earthquakes and that he allowed crops to grow.