Family Feud: Part 3 – The Heart's Arrow
Season 1, Episode 40
Air date November 20, 1997
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Ja-Kal contemplates about Kimas, about his own son, and about his duty. Rath realizes that if they destroy Arakh's scorpion charm, then Arakh's scorpion suit will be sent back through the Western Gate forever, taking Arakh with it. But Arakh had lost the scorpion charm at the museum exhibit, and the exhibit was being taken away in a truck.

The Mummies catch up to the truck just as Scarab in his helicopter also reaches it. The helicopter takes the exhibit crashing back to Scarab's lair due to Heka's inexpert flying. Arakh finds his charm.

The Mummies meet with Kimas at Beefy Burger. Kimas leads Ja-Kal into a trap at Fort Point, but finds out that his own father was the one lying. Kimas defends Ja-Kal from Arakh and destroys the charm sending himself and Arakh back through the Western Gate.

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