Family Feud: Part 1 – Brother's Keeper
Season 1, Episode 38
Air date November 18, 1997
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A new exhibit is about to be featured at the museum. Two mummy cases are included, and the Mummies note that one is labeled "Kimas" and the other "Scorpion".

When Ja-Kal goes to open a case later that night, Set and Anubis attack him. They are stealing the mummies and the sarcophoguses for Scarab. They escape, and head back to Scarab's lair.

Scarab, Set, and Anubis summon the "Scorpion of the Desert" from beyond the Western Gate. The spirit of Arakh, Ja-Kal's brother returns.

Ja-Kal recalls back to when Amenhotep made Arakh his spear bearer. Ja-Kal had saved his life from a lion, but Arakh was bitter and jealous when Ja-Kal was made the leader of the Royal Hunt. Ja-Kal continues recalling how Arakh helped Scarab defeat them to kill Prince Rapses. Ja-Kal and Arakh have their first confrontation in the museum.

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