Eye of the Beholder
Season 1, Episode 30
Air date November 4, 1997
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Presley and his class, lead by Mr. Huxley are touring the Fisherman's Wharf. When Chontra suddenly appears and terrifies them with conjured spirits. Then she quickly departs, leaving a cat statue behind. The Mummies take the statue back to their Sphinx until they know what else to do with it.

Chontra uses the statue as a gateway to get to the Sphinx. Her goal is revenge on Rath, so she distracts the other Mummies by changing into people in their thoughts. Ja-Kal thinks back to his wife Tia and their baby son, as Chontra becomes Tia. For Armon, she changes into his mother and brings him food. She then becomes Nefer-Tina's friend Kenna, who never knew she was a girl.

With the three out of the way, she changes into Ja-Kal to fool Presley and ready herself for her final battle with Rath. In the end she taunts Rath: "You can't face what I really am", and then becomes a Medusa like creature. Before she can deliver the final blow. The others arrive, free of her spell. Realizing she's outnumberd Chontra decides to retreat.

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"You can't face what I really am!"

Chontra just before she drops a doozy of a surprise on Rath.


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