Dog Bites Mummy
Season 1, Episode 12
Air date October 2, 1997
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The Curse of the Sekhmet


While Presley and Ja-Kal are out fishing, Scarab attacks again. Just when it looks like an easy win for the Mummies, Set and Anubis appear. Set tells them that they wish to avenge their previous defeat.

Young 7th grader Elaine Setter wants to be a famous reporter some day. While she is investigating she stars to think Presley might be connected to the Mummies. She manages to follow him back to the Sphinx, but he manages to lose her before she sees anything.

Meanwhile Set and Anubis are still after the Mummies. While the Mummies try to lure the pair away from the Sphinx with dog biscuts. Presley decides to go home, only for Elaine to ambush him at his won home. Set and Anubis come across Elaine while looking for Presley and capture her to lure the Mummies to them.

When the Mummies go to the meeting place chosen by the pair (a baseball stadium) a battle takes place. Thankfully the Mummies are able to turn the tide of battle and defeat the pair. After falling to convince Elaine not to tell anyone. They use Anubis's "Scepter of Forgetting" to erase her memories of the whole thing. They then open the Western Gate and throw Set and Anubis back in. Once Elaine wakes up Presley shows her his boomarang as proof that he had no connection to any Mummies, before she woke up he asked Rath to inscribe the boomarang with the words "Made in Taiwan".

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Rath: Set!
(Anubis sits down obediently)
Set: He said Set, not sit! That's my name!

Rath recognizes Set and acts accordingly. Anubis hears him and sits like any good dog would.


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