Dead Man Walking
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date September 24, 1997
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Rath smashes into a wall and loses his memory. Rath can't remember his name, his home, or even that he is a mummy. He starts to call himself Ace, after some thugs he fights off call him by the nickname. Four homeless street people find him and give him some food and take him in.

Meanwhile, Scarab has been getting his Shabti to round up street people for his life-force absorption gate, figuring no one would miss them. Scarab plans to use the absorption machine's power to add to his life span. Every year of life it takes out of its victim increases Scarab's life by an hour. When Rath's friends are rounded up, Rath tires to help them disptie his amnesia.

Featured CharactersEdit


"Don't make me go medieval on you."

—You wouldn't like Theo if he went medieval on you.

Scarab: It's going to explode!
Heka: Well don't just stand there, run away, run away!

Heka gives Scarab good advice.
"That's Wilcox. He du'nt talk much."
Theo introducing the gang.


Real-World ReferencesEdit

  • Theo's "Don't make me go medieval on you" line is a reference to the medieval times. It was a very violent a ruthless era.


  • This is the first time the mummies transformation order changes. It went from Ja-Kal, Armon, Rath then Nefer-Tina. To Ja-Kal, Nefer-Tina then Armon. Rath didn't transform alongside the others.