Bix Bingsley

First Appearance

True Believer






The Mummies

Current Location

San Francisco

Bix Bingsley is a clumsy glasses wearing sales clerk who sells clothes but is allergic to wool.


The Mummies buy clothes to better blend in with the people. Where Bix and Nefer-Tina meet, Bix quickly became infatuated with Nefer-Tina and asked her out on a date. Nefer-Tina was flattered and the pair got along well. Outside the Shabti attacked. Bix was injured and Nefer-Tina and the Mummies took him to the hospital. He works at a clothes store named "Naxx."

Meanwhile Scarab made an offer $10,000 to anyone who could lead him to the Mummies. After everything he's witnessed, and not knowing the whole truth about the mummies, Bix decided to tell what he knew. Bix won the $10,000, Scarab planted a tracer on him to lead him to the Mummies, which he did, eventually.

Nefer-Tina managed to protect Bix and save him from Scarab. She later apologized to him for what she put him through, but Bix apologies for selling her and her friends out to Scarab. Nefer-Tina gave him a kiss of farewell before she vanished.