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Cat God/Spirit







Current Location

Beyond the Western Gate


Magical power to call any and all cats to her side. As well as the ability to manipulate the minds of any and all cats.

Bastet is a Cat Goddess of ancient Egypt and the patron goddess of Nefer-Tina.


Bastet was once brought to the present through the Western Gate thanks to the powers of a cat statue. When she called to any worshipers in the area, whe was displeased to find only cats and Nefer-Tina who had recently been transformed into a cat like beast, had responded to her summons.

Bastet felt as though she were do more respect from mortals. She used Nefer-Tina to bring Presley Carnovan to her. Believeing him to be ruler of San Francisco. She tried to punish him in order to make the city pay for not treating her with the respect and worship she believed was her do.

Presley managed to distract her with a tuna sandwitch and while she tried to retrieve it, the cat statue was destroyed and she was sent back beyond the borders of the Western Gate.


To call Bastet truly evil is an overstatement. While her behavior in modern San Francisco was questionable at best. She did willingly create and later gave away the Bastet armor over 3500 years ago which Nefer-Tina now wields. Meaning she was once a kind and generous spirit. Also while she left the mortal world unwillingly, Nefer-Tina is still able to wield the full power of her armor, indicating that if Bastet had any influence over her armor she may have let go of her need for vengence.


  • While most people know Bastet as the Egyptian goddess of love and therefor confused by her violent actions in the episode "Paws". It should be noted that Bastet was originally worshipped as a goddess of warfare as well as a protector deity.