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Armon's armor resembles a ram. When transformed Armon uses his golden arm as his weapon.


Guardian to the Pharaoh


Presley Carnovan, Pharaoh Amenhotep, The Mummies

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San Francisco

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Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra

Armon, once a warrior in the Pharaoh Amenhotep's Royal Army, Armon now serves as one of Presley Carnovan's bodyguards.


Armon lost his original right arm fighting in the Pharaoh's army back when he was still alive. The Pharaoh saw this, and knew that Armon would be the perfect bodyguard for his son. The pharaoh then gave Armon his golden arm as a reward for his service.

Scarab once planted an amulet on Armon that drained his physical strength. Armon started getting weaker without realizing that it is being caused by the amulet. Armon felt he needed to prove to himself that he was still a great warrior, so he entered "The World's Toughest Gladiator Contest". Armon did well at the contest, despite growing weaker and weaker. He defeated the Masked Destroyer, a Kung-Fu master, and a Sumo Wrestler. In the final match he faced against Talos, a bronze warrior summoned by Scarab to finish Armon off. Ultimately, Scarab's amulet was ripped off, and Armon defeats Talos by pulling the plug in his ankle, and Talos melted into nothingness.

Do to some mischief of Bes, Armon and Rath's minds were switched into each others bodies. In the middle of a battle with Scarab. Bes swapped Armon again, he then exchanged bodies with Heka, though this switch did not prevent Armon from trying to help in the battle. Thanks to Presley, Armon and Heka were switched back to themselves.

Also, Armon taught the prince the fighting ways of his people, including the art of Egyp-Tsu.


While not fighting, Armon spends most of his time eating or watching 'the magic box' television set that Presley gave them.

Out of all the mummies, Armon is the most understanding. He's always ready to help Presley and the others, ready to fight whenever the situation gets dangerous.

  • Armon
  • Armon in armor
  • Egyptian Armon
  • Mummies watching TV and Presley talks to them


  • Armon's name is a pun on the words "Arm on". No doubt as a nod to both his missing arm and his golden replacement.
  • While it's never stated exactly who is Armon's patron deity, there is one likely candidate. The ram deity Mendes is described as being represented with the head and fleece of a goat. Which would explain why unlike the other mummies (aside from Nefer-Tina), no manifestation of any animal appears when he calls upon his armor. However, there is also Qebui, the Egyptian god of the North Wind represented as a man with a rams head.