A Dark and Shrieky Night
Season 1, Episode 26
Air date October 28, 1997
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The episode begins with the Mummies in battle with Scarab and his Shabti. After the battle, they find themselves far away from the Sphinx in desperate need to re-energize. Without any power left to transform, they have to cross town on foot.

Armon ends up saving a hot-dog cart, Rath's wrappings getting stuck in a subway token machine. Then the group is mistaken for a jazz band and is forced to play an impromptu performance in a nightclub. Rath plays sax, Ja-Kal base, Armon drums, and Nefer-Tina sings the the story of that night. The group is also being followed by Joe Pendleton. A man under the impression that they are aliens.

Just as the group is about to be cornerd by "Joe" at the Sphinx doorstep. Ja-Kal comes up with an idea to get rid of him. He appears to Joe, hidden in the shadows. Telling him that he is indeed an alien, and a friendly one. He then tells Joe that he must leave but that he may return someday.

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"Don't drink and drive!"

Ja-Kal frightens an inebriated man in one of the best "Don't Drink and Drive" Aesop's ever.

"We were on this boat
and... we had... we had to jump out
and... well... we got really wet
and we... we just wanted to go home
Ah... This guy threw hot dogs at us
and we gobbled them down
but we knew we were walking in the wrong part of town
I... I tried to take the bus
and wouldn't you know
These two bums tried to grab me
But I gave 'em a show
So we ran down this alley
And into the door
And then I got to tell you
This ain't no fun no more
Boy we're having trouble getting home tonight
Everywhere we go we get into a fight
We're tired and hungry and a terrible sight
Boy we're having trouble getting home tonight
Oh Yeah!"

Nefer-Tina preforms a song that would make Chris Parker proud.


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  • This episode is notable in that Presley does not make an appearance.